How Cats Took Over the World… [COMIC]

How Cats Took Over the World... [COMIC]The big money on the internet was in cats, and everybody knew it. Sites like Reddit and Imgur have been racking up billions of page views as demand grew for these furry little creatures. Countless websites have also been launched like Cheezburger that are solely dedicated to catering to their feline overlords and fans of lolcats worldwide.
But then one day kittens were discovered, and the game changed completely…

how cats ruled the world

They seemed so sweet and innocent.

via SMBC

Debby Bruck CHom
We've all become 'catatonic' about subatomic quantum kittens. Purrrrrrrr.....
Terri Nakamura
Daniel Zeevi I was a "dog" person most of my life, but we adopted two cats 5 years ago and it forever changed our lives. Now I understand why there are "cat ladies!" Thanks for this fun cartoon! Happy #CATURDAY!
Daniel Zeevi
Ha nice Terri thanks! I grew up with a Rottweiler and cat, they seemed to get along pretty well too :)
Robbin Barkley
Cute Thanks for sharing.
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