Oscar Winner Gravity and the Real Life Images from NASA

Sun Over Earth (NASA, International Space Station Science

And the Oscar goes to…’Gravity.’ In fact, not one but seven Oscars went to the science fiction thriller at the 86th Academy Awards. The film collected its impressive number of wins in such categories as cinematography, visual effects, and sound editing. The movie features Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts out in space when disaster strikes, leaving them to find their way back to Earth. As its 2014 Oscar winning record indicates, ‘Gravity’ gave audiences many spectacular views and breathtaking visualizations of what space looks like, something us non-astronauts only know from photos. In honor of the epic film, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center released images on Flickr that resemble many of the shots found in the movie. Found at Nasa Flickr page ‘Gravity’ – NASA’s Real-Life Images from Space, the photographs feature Earth from space, astronauts at work, the shuttle, and other space equipment.

Hubble Space Telescope

Storm Clouds Over the Atlantic Ocean Near Brazil

Repairing the Station in Orbit

First U.S. Spacewalk - Gemini 4

Moon Framed

Sun Rising on the Final Shuttle Mission

Free Flying

Barcelona, Spain

Photos by NASA / CC BY 2.0
Via Flickr

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