Google Does Some Spring Cleaning! [COMIC]

As winter finally begins to thaw, Mr. Page has decided it’s time for Google to do some Spring Cleaning!

So Google has started to roll out Scrubbing Reader, a one step Reader sanitizer. With one press, watch all your feeds go down the drain! The solution is so effective, that anyone subscribed to your feed through Reader will probably be wiped away clean too leaving no traces of your blog behind or your money back!

CAUTION: Some users under pressure may explode in rage.

But don’t worry Google has you covered there too with its new band-aid solution the ‘For the Most Part: HURT-FREE RSS Exporter!’ And the Spring is just getting started folks, stay tuned for your next favorite app to get flushed down the toilet. Feedburner? Gmail? Who needs those anyways when you have Google+?

So stop complaining. You need to put on your Google Glasses and look at the big picture here people through Google’s augmented reality…

google spring cleaning

comic via The Joy of Tech

Liz Pullen
I'll miss Google Reader. : (
Tony Greene
I'll miss it too...but feedly for the android works just as good.
Daniel Zeevi
Lets just hope that Feedly can make it better without the social restrictions :)
Tony Greene
Petitions being signed and passed around to try and save this beast. I don't think Google's listening.
Daniel Zeevi
The Occupy Google Reader movement is picking up steam though :)
Tony Greene
your tools section is pretty cool
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