See What You Might Look Like in 30 Years With These ‘Genetic Portraits’

Horizontal collage of genetics portraits

Sure, you’ve been told many times how you look just like your mother, or how hard it is to tell you and your brother apart. But how often do you believe those comments? It’s easy to brush off these opinions without hard evidence that you actually look like your family.

Graphic designer and self-taught photographer Ulric Collette takes a hands-on approach to familial similarities in his ongoing series Portraits Génétiques, or Genetic Portraits. In the series Collette combines photos of two members of the same family in split-screen portraits. The series reveals physical similarities between siblings and between parents and their children while exploring the profound role genetics play in our lives. In some cases it’s almost impossible to tell brothers apart or distinguish mother from daughter, while other portraits seem to peer into a parent’s past or a child’s future. I bet that if you mimicked Collette’s style to combine your own portrait with that of your mother or father, you’d gain a glimpse into how you will look 30 years down the line. Like it or not, genetics will always tie us to our families.

Sisters Roxane and Jill

Roxane and Jill, sisters

Father and son Denis and William

Denis and William, father and son

Brothers christopher and ulric

Christopher and Ulric, brothers

Father and daughter Daniel and Isabelle

Daniel and Isabelle, father and daughter

Daughter and mother Marie Pier and N'sira

Marie-Pier and N’sira, daughter and mother

Sisters catherine veronique

Catherine and Veronique, sisters

Sister and brother Karine and Dany

Karine and Dany, sister and brother

You can browse Collette’s entire series or check out the morphing portraits video he created to demonstrate his artistic process:

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What do you think of Genetic Portraits? Does it enthrall or disturb you? Does it inspire a mix of emotions? Let us know in the comments.

Marlene Hudson
This absolutely fascinates me! I would love to do a picture of my mother and me, and a picture of me and my daughter. We all look so much alike.
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