This Tokyo Art Gallery Makes Art Cool For Kids

Kids usually hate art museums, but they’ll love “Haunted House,” a creepy art gallery Torafu Architects created just for them.

Walking into the gallery, a kid notices some of history’s most famous paintings. Then, before boredom kicks in, something weird happens. Maybe the Mona Lisa reaches her hand out and tugs at her face. Maybe the head in a formal portrait begins to spin. Realizing just how cool this gallery is, the kid actually looks at the world’s masterpieces for the first time. (His parents weep with pride.)

But the fun’s not over… At the end of the gallery, the kid finds a a doorway that leads to a room on the other side of the gallery wall. Behind that wall, he gets a turn at manipulating the paintings while other kids watch. The kids who get to visit this Tokyo gallery are the luckiest alive!

running kid

mona lisa

head in portrait

double view

sticking through

via Colossal via Yatzer

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