Artist Recreates ‘Forbidden Fruit’ with Modern and Dangerous Twist

In the Book of Genesis, Eve eats the Forbidden Fruit and so initiates the fall of man. Alluding to the Adam and Eve story, artist and illustrator Kevin Bean reimagines our everyday fruit in forbidden ways.

Bean likes to make playful creations that stimulate conceptual thinking and imagination. In this particular design series called ‘Forbidden Fruit,’ Bean uses the fruits stocking the shelves of our local markets and turns them into something dangerous. He plays upon the idea of temptation and, perhaps more pertinent to contemporary culture, the idea of accessibility.

Grocery stores ensure that these fruits are at our fingertips, but Bean makes them inaccessible by adding spikes, flames, blades and wires. Fruit, which is easily obtained, also tends to seem disposable to us. Perhaps Bean is pointing out how those who can buy fruit without difficulty forget to appreciate the food. So the next time you’re shopping for groceries, don’t take for granted how accessible food is!





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