11 Fabulous Cats That Could Be Runway Fashion Models

Fabulous catWith all the hipsters out there today, one has to really step it up to be considered ‘fashionable.’ Last Caturday, we discovered just how much game cats really have, but few possess more beauty and grace than these model-like superstars here today!

1 You need fabulous shades to be fashionable!

Nice shades

2 The bigger the shades the better…

Big Shades

3 And a nice new purrrm!

Purrm Cat

4 Next comes fabulous attire…

cats dressed up like owner

5 But keep it classy!

Classy Kitten

6 An elegant look…

An elegant and noble cat

7 So get ready for that photo shoot!

Photo shoot cat

8 Highlights from the cat fashion show

Algonquin Hotel Throws Charity Birthday Bash For Resident Feline "Matilda"

9 But high fashion is not without its victims!

fashion victim cat

10 But don’t worry you looked fabulous! “Oh stop that…”

Oh stop that

11 And finally, the future of cat fashion, the watermelon cap!

“What you don’t like my new hat?”

pics via imgur

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