What if Brand Logos Were Extremely Literal?

We all recognize the biggest brands’ logos out there. But what if those logos’ text said exactly what the logos look like? College Humor took 15 brand logos and changed the text into a literal interpretation of what you actually see when you look at the logo design.

Disney, for example, would turn into “What is that letter?” because the “D” in Disney’s logo has always been somewhat confusing. Coca-Cola becomes “Swoopity Swoop” because of the logo’s cursive. And then there’s the darkest of the literal logos, Sherwin-Williams paint, which becomes “worldwide bloodshed” because of its image of the world being covered in red paint.

1. IBM literal logo

2. Disney literal logo

3. Coca Coal literal logo

4. Volvo literal logo

5. Girl Scouts literal logo

6. Pizza Hut literal logo

7. Levi's literal logo

8. Nascar literal logo

9. NASA literal logo

10. United Way literal logo

11. WWF literal logo

12. Dunkin Donuts literal logo

13. Volkswagen literal logo

14. Starbucks literal logo

15. Sherwin-Williams literal logo

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