Take a Walk through Enchanted Forests with Photographer Lars van de Goor

Forests have always been wonderfully mysterious and mystical by nature. Some forests are even said to be enchanted or living organisms and you can see why looking at these images captured by Lars van de Goor. Dutch photographer Lars van de Goor was born in 1964 on farmland where he quickly grew fond of his surrounding nature and the forests of Gelderland.

Lars credits influence to landscape painters like Barend Cornelius Koekkoek and says his main inspiration comes from:

the mysterious encounter of nature and light.

Take a walk through Lars van de Goor’s enchanted pathways through the forests below.

Bridge to Fall

Ou est le petit Chaperon Rouge II

Welcoming Fall




Lighten the Path

Return to the Magical Woods

The little black duck

Destiny Unknown

Hidden in Plain Sight


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