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13 Forced-Perspective Photographs that Make Empty Glass Bottles Look Giant

This is one nontraditional and creative way to recycle trash found on the beach. In these photographs, Israeli artist and photographer Hermin Abramovitch captures images of glass bottles laying on the beach or floating in the water and, though forced-perspective photography, makes them look larger than life.

By using different angles and perspectives, Abramovitch makes the bottles appear giant, towering over the people in the images, dwarfing and overtaking the surrounding scenery. With the sun in the background as well, the glass bottles look like they are glowing, adding to their tremendous essence.

To me it seems as though Abramovitch is making a statement about pollution and the environment. The unusual and overwhelming size of the bottles in the images imply that although individually they seem to be rather small pieces of trash, they are actually substantial, contributing to the overall pollution that is eating away at our planet and its beautiful landscapes.

These pictures are yet another example of Abramovitch photographing playful images juxtaposing man and nature, like he did in this series of sunset photos.