Build (and Eat) Delicious Structures with These Chocolate LEGOs

These are the most delicious Legos you’ll ever see. Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi from Shizuoka, Japan, designed a modular system that creates little, edible chocolate Legos. The Lego blocks become little works of art, as Mizuuchi builds animal figurines and other structures out of the chocolate. While these Legos can be used for building, you’ll have to work quickly; they’ll melt in your hand if you hold on to them for too long.

Akihiro Mizuuchi1

Akihiro Mizuuchi2

Akihiro Mizuuchi3

Akihiro Mizuuchi4

Akihiro Mizuuchi6

Akihiro Mizuuchi7

Akihiro Mizuuchi8

Akihiro Mizuuchi9

Akihiro Mizuuchi10

Akihiro Mizuuchi11

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