Eastern European Capitals Illustrated with Food Art

Have you ever traveled through Eastern Europe? In an appetizing new series of artwork dubbed Illustrating Eastern Europe by FoodieBackpacker, the great cities of Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and Warsaw are visualized with food. Using edibles like rice, sugar, eggs and fruit, food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustin Nieto are able to recreate these picturesque capitals with stunning postcard-style quality.

Joyce told Mashable about how each dish illustrates the aura of a city using recognizable landmarks as well as themes:

Each piece has different challenges. For example, transmit the feeling of fog amidst the light of Prague; give the sensation of water in the Danube River in Budapest; show the colors and designs of Bucharest; and create the idea of height and sky in Warsaw.

bucharest food art

budapest food art

prague food art

warsaw food art

What’s your favorite city to visit in Europe?

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