Dyslexie: an Innovative Font to Make Reading Easier For Those with Dyslexia

Finally, there’s a typeface that is specifically designed for people with dyslexia. The font, Dyslexie, may not look too much different to non-dyslexic readers, but the minor changes its creator, Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer, who is also dyslexic, made to the letterform may make a world of difference to those with the reading disorder.

According to Boer, dyslexics will mirror or rotate letters, which causes reading difficulties. Common fonts exacerbate the difficulty due to their uniform shapes. For instance, the “b” and “d” are often mirror images. To alleviate the problem, Boer tweaked the letters in his font to have a minor cursive slant, heavier bases, and different heights and widths. This way, the letters in Dyslexie are easier to tell apart for those with dyslexia.

User feedback and research studies show that Boer’s font does, in fact, make reading easier for dyslexics. The font, which is available online for several systems and devices, is free for home use.


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