What Heroin, LSD, Caffeine and Other Drugs Look Like in Action

Heroin by Sarah SchoenfeldHeroin

Many of our moods and attitudes can be explained by the levels of different substances in our bodies. If hormones and other chemicals play such a huge role in creating our personalities, wouldn’t it be interesting to see their essences visually depicted? Berlin artist Sarah Schönfeld set out to answer this question in her series All You Can Feel.

In her project, Schönfeld squeezed drops of various liquid mixtures of (legal and illegal) drugs onto negative film that had already been exposed. The result? Just as different drugs and hormones do different things to our bodies, each chemical altered the coating of the film in unique ways. “Much like the effect of some of these substances on humans, this can be a lengthy process – sometimes one that can barely be stopped,” reads Schönfeld’s website. While some chemicals created bright blue swells resembling universes, others created self-contained spheres. In every case, the chemicals affected the film negatives in a way that resembles the way they affect humans.

Take a look through some of Schönfeld’s work below, and visit her website for more.



Speed by Sarah Schoenfeld


Speed and Mephedrone

Speed and mephedrone by Sarah Schoenfeld



Caffeine by Sarah Schoenfeld



Methylone by Sarah Schoenfeld



MDMA by Sarah Schoenfeld



LSD by Sarah Schoenfeld



Ghb and GBL by Sarah Schoenfeld



Adrenaline by Sarah Schoenfeld

Images by Sarah Schönfeld
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