What if Disney Characters Were Selfie-Obsessed?

We live in such a selfie-obsessed era. What would it look like if some of our favorite Disney characters joined the craze?

Italian illustrator and graphic designer Simona Bonafini explored this in her series “Sable Selfies,” where five famous Disney characters took selfies for their fake Instagram accounts.

Bonafini not only perfectly chose the type of selfie these characters would take, but she also mastered the Instagram usernames, captions and hashtags they would have used. For instance, Disney’s Hercules (@Hercules) takes a muscle selfie in the mirror with the hashtags like “#gym,” “#training,” and “#fit,” while Alice (@Alice1951) from Alice in Wonderland snaps one of teatime with the Mad Hatter, tagging her companion in the caption. And Ariel (@**Ariel**) from Little Mermaid takes a bikini selfie, proclaiming her love of summer, the beach and bikinis.

All in all, the series is charming while poking fun at the generation that lives through selfies.






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