7 Deadly Sins Illustrated with Cats

It seems as though the seven deadly sins don’t just apply to humans, but to cats as well. London-based artist Marija Tiurina created a series of illustrations starring some very sinful cats to be featured on collectible digital art platform NeonMob. NeoMob is a place where people can discover new art and grow their personal collections of limited-edition content by artists around the world. Tiurina’s dark and humorous series of the 7 Deadly Sins with a twist – cats – can be seen on the site and collected by people everywhere.

In an interview with NeoMob, Tiurina explains the idea and inspiration behind her artwork:

I’ve always liked darker ideas, and I’ve always liked cats. And, Neonmob was just perfect! They basically told me to do whatever I wanted. So, I combined the idea of deadly sins and cats, which turned out to be dark and humorous at the same time – my favorite combo. Also, deadly sins are quite symbolic and interesting. But, just a google search shows you boring fantasy art, and pretty much the same style of drawings repeat on every page of search results. I thought that the topic deserves another chance!

deadly sings cat lust

deadly sings cat gluttony

deadly sings cat greed

deadly sings cat sloth

deadly sings cat wrath

deadly sings cat envy

deadly sings cat pride

deadly sings cat 1

deadly sings cat 2

deadly sings cat 3

deadly sings cat 4

deadly sings cat 5

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