The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

Did you ever wonder how famous creative people approached their imaginative work? Cloud-based collaboration service Podio made simple data visualizations to display the daily routines of 26 visionaries, comparing the amount of time they spent on creative work to time spent sleeping, eating, exercising and working day jobs.

The people Podio analyzed span many creative mediums, from visual arts with Pablo Picasso to music with Beethoven and Mozart. The analysis pays particular attention to the routines of writers, mapping out the schedules of authors including Voltaire, Charles Dickens, Maya Angelou and Kurt Vonnegut. And, interestingly, Podio also looks at the routines of people in the fields of science, social science and philosophy, including Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and Immanuel Kant.

It’s intriguing to see when these minds were busy with their creative work, and when they were being rejuvenating by much needed sleep and food.




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