21 of the Cutest and Oddest Animal Friendships Ever

I haz a teddy woof, polar bear and wolfToday when we think about the term friendship some of the first things that come to mind might be our close friends, family and even Facebook and social media. Social media is really all about relationships and friendship. But the concept of friendship goes well beyond the reach of the internet and extends all the way across the animal kingdom. Animals of all kinds have been able to put aside their differences and just get along!

We humans tend to often bicker over our petty differences and could maybe learn a thing or two from them, especially these 21 really cute yet somewhat odd animal pairings…


If a cat and duck can be best friends…

cat and duck best friends

Why not a cat and a snowman?

Cat and Snowman

Or a polar bear and sled dog?

teddy wolf

Friendship knows no size boundaries

elephant and sheep

And a good friend will always have your back!

tiger and dog

Whether dog…

dog and goat


Deer and dog hug


cheetah and dog


tiger and dog nap

Or just a monkey looking to just hang out…

hanging out

Expect the unexpected


Enjoy some quality time with pals while you can

monkey and white tiger cub

And be open to making new friends … Cat: “Pleased to Meet You Scorpion”

cat and scorpion

Because friendship comes in all shapes…

nap buddies

…and forms

mama tiger and baby pigs

A good friend will always fix you a drink too…

dog feed lamb

And a good friend can always keep a secret!


Very hush, hush

Dog and Kitten

Even lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

If they can all get along…

tiger and bear

Can’t we all just get along?

dog hugs

pics via imgur

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