Artist Uses Nature to Build Stunning Geometric Creations [PHOTOS]

These days, artists have their choice of a myriad different materials to create beautiful work, but the pieces featured here get their beauty simply from nature. Artist Dietmar Voorwold travels around Scotland arranging natural objects into magnificent works of art. On his Facebook page, Voorwold states that his collection, Creations in Nature, is:

a contribution to beauty, fine art and nature. It`s a way of sharing creativity on the ‘biggest canvas of the world.’

His artwork shows us that we don’t always need man-made materials to create beautiful art. The natural splendor our planet offers us is more than sufficient. Voorwold’s work is evidence that, together, man and nature can produce something spectacular.

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 4

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 1

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 3

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 6

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 7

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 2

Ferness, Highlands, Scotland 5

Logie Bridge, Highlands, Scotland

Portknockie, Moray, Scotland

Cove Bay, Moray, Scotland

Cummingston, Moray, Scotland 1

Cummingston, Moray, Scotland 2

Cummingston, Moray, Scotland 3

What can you and nature create?

Hallie Cantor
Wow! Amazing creativity.
John Hoanboara
Super génial! ;)
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