Street Artist Mixes Contemporary with Vintage in Outdoor Pieces

Although graffiti is not always the most popular form of art, it is often interesting and can even be breathtaking. Street artist Tristan Eaton uses spray paint for his public murals on urban buildings. He creates complex, detailed, colorful images in new and classic styles.

As a teenager, Eaton began his street art career by painting walls, billboards, and other surfaces in urban areas. Now, he paints his large-scale murals on a full-time basis. His artwork is exhibited in galleries around the world, including a permanent exhibit in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The eye is never bored with his work, but neither is it overwhelmed. Eaton’s murals incorporate both elaborate patterns and simple, familiar images of faces. The black and white sections of his art not only give the eye and brain a break from all the intertwining colors, but also add a vintage touch to the otherwise modern pieces. As Eaton states on his website,

Outdoor, public art is the most important to me. Public art has the ability to inspire and transform our communities.

eaton street art 1

eaton street art 2

eaton street art 3

eaton street art 4

eaton street art 5

eaton street art 6

eaton street art 7

eaton street art 8

eaton street art 9

eaton street art 10

eaton street art 11

eaton street art 12

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