20 Hilarious Cats That Think They’re Human

Throughout the course of history, man has been infatuated with his feline friend the cat. cats that think theyre humanWith the rise of the internet meme, cats have ascended to become the new super stars of social media. But who’s going to stop them there? Similar to their human counterparts, cats have been known to exhibit people-like emotions of joy, grumpiness and even seeking the same comfort in social relationships as we do. And these 20 cats here today, could give any person a run for their money on being human!

They can now walk like a man…

Walk like a man

Look like a man…

tuff cat

Even change light bulbs

light bulb

That’s right … high five

high five

Some cats are even career minded just like people…

Career Cat

And sensitive … “What you don’t like blue?”

cats that think theyre human

But being human isn’t all it’s cracked up to be .. case of the Mondays


Unless you’re a rich cat of course…

rich cat

Buying that boat was a good decision

nice boat

Wait, does that SOB have a bigger boat than me?

cat envy

I should buy another boat…

coach kitty

But not all cats are just sitting in the lap of luxury…

The lap of luxury

Some have chores to do just like us … “hey bring that laundry basket”

come here

Or musical talents to express

piano cat

Or work to do…

computer cat

Social media cat

cats that think theyre human

Being purrfect all the time can be tiring

purrfect pose

So excuse me but who can really argue that these cats aren’t people?

Excuse me

Ok so they need work on their manners some … no elbows on the table!

No elbows on the table!

Morning Glory

cat huh?
pics via imgur

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Love your cats, they have so much personality.
Miki Bell
Love your cats.
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