21 Cats That Just Hijacked Your Computer

Can anyone deny that cats have completely taken over the Internet? But it turns out that isn’t quite enough, see they’ve come for our computers now too! Here are 21 lolcats that love browsing the web and social media, just as much as any human.

cat likes pcvia imgur

cat fun

cat fixing computervia catster

Access deniedvia centralcoastpetgrooming

RGB catvia blackfeline

cat sitting on keyboardvia kotaku

LOL Codevia pawilson

Main coon cat relaxing at the deskvia cats-wallpapers

no...stoopidvia icanhascheezburger

who you looking at?via thethingswewouldblog

made of warmvia litandlife

pc catvia stuffpoint

i has mouse

need silencevia horsenation

kitten popupsvia icanhascheezburger

cat scanvia democraticunderground

IT catvia catriot

cat on macvia chimac

browsing the interwebsvia stylebistro

cat loves pc

want to work eh?via lacarmina

unlock your computervia catncat

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June Robertson
Just great. Made my day!
Isabel Jennicka
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Isabel Jennicka
THANK YOU ALL! I absolutely loved it, my day starts whit a huge grin on my face,
Arie Mochamad Prasetyo
yup... I had this cat-hijacked-ny-computer experience too..
Jason Wagner
Those are some awesome pictures.
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks a lot Jason!
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