Cats Demonstrating Common HTTP Errors

Few things in life are more frustrating than encountering HTTP errors while browsing the web. However tiring these errors may be, though, watching cats act out some of the more common HTTP errors is a hoot. The next time you see one of these pesky errors, you might even crack a smile while you envision these cats working behind the scenes.

500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error cat

You see this error whenever the Web server hosting the webpage that you’re trying to access encounters an error and cannot fulfill your request. This can happen for many reasons, including a cat pulling out the wires from the Web server’s power supply.

444 No Response Error

444 Error cat

The web server isn’t sending out any information, so eventually the connection is closed. It could just be that the Web server is taking a cat nap, so you can always try again later.

302 Found Status Code

302 error found cat

The 302 message is not an error but rather a status code. You’ll see it when the webpage you are accessing is redirecting you to another location. The redirection should happen automatically, without the aid of the fire department or even a ladder.

403 Forbidden Error

403 error cat

A catch-all error that basically says “You’re poking around somewhere you are not supposed to.” If cats used the internet, this would most likely be the error message they’d encounter most often.

401 Unauthorized Error

401 error cat

Similar to the 403 error, the 401 error means that you don’t have access to a particular webpage. If you had the proper login credentials, however, you could most likely access the site. Either that or a really convincing puppy costume.

404 Not Found Error

404 not found cat

You’ll see this error when the webpage you’re trying to load is gone. Or maybe it’s just hiding!

Images by Tomomi / CC BY 2.0

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