12 Cats and Dogs That Are in Love

A common myth floating around since the beginning of time is that there is some type of ongoing feud between cats and dogs. Well, cats have been known to do shady things to their dog brethren like stealing their beds, but dogs are very forgiving and friendly animals. From dogs who actually think they’re cats, to some of the cutest and oddest animal friendships ever, the love between cats and dogs has never been stronger! While growing up, I had a huge Rottweiler and tiny cat who always got along great. If you need even more proof, just look at these 12 pairings of animals in love below:

Who says cats and dogs can’t coexist?

Who Says Cats and Dogs Can't Coexist?via imgur

Dogs and cat sleep in chair

dogs and cat sleep n chairvia timberlinevet

Dog and cat love

dog and cat lovevia reddit

Garden of love

Garden of lovevia thegardeningbible

They’re so fluffy

cats with dogsvia great-pictures-of-cats

The Greyjoys

grey joysvia great-pictures-of-cats

Snout Hug

snout hugvia

Well Rested

well restedvia


kissesvia imgur

Playing out in the yard

playing out in the yardvia

Bulldog and cat BFFs

bulldog and catvia carpe diem

Even Tigers and Dogs

tiger and dog napvia imgur

Two loved heart
№1 about love ->> only love.
Mcyró Lebani
haha,,,,,..... bt thts imposble in africa.
Marguerite Dennert
Absolutely lovely photos. Shows how these cats and dogs are friends and live together.
Yvette Arellano
US humans should learn from these animals! Cool pictures
Jan Lear
Adorable! My 2 cats and 1 dog get along just fine.
Family Pet Relocation's Pet Transport
AWWW This is to sweet I love animals.
Daniel Zeevi
Glad you liked them :)
Dianne Chittleborough
Just beautiful pictures.
Mila Monette
lol! that cool, cat and dog love story.
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks a lot Mila!
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