Catleidoscope! This is the Web on Catnip

grumpy cat meets lil bubThere is hope. One new site may finally cure your cat fixation for good! Often times we post a cat article with a few funny pics but does that really go far enough to satisfy your obsession? What if every square inch of your screen could be filled with fur balls, over and over again in endless patterns of laughter?

Meet the Catleidoscope! which is basically like a website on catnip. The more you move around the site, the crazier things get. That’s exactly what art director Matthew Guy was thinking when coming up with the site saying, “Let’s not interrupt something entertaining with something dull.”

You can even “change le cat,” for a different kaliedoscope-like effect, to one of five different Internet meme sensations:

1. Keyboard Cat

Perhaps the cat that got everything started. Keyboard cat, or better known as “Fatso” debuted in 1984 to a catchy tune on an electronic keyboard. The orginal video was posted to YouTube in 2007:

Here you can see Catleidoscope on Keyboard Cat, with a few other legends mixed in:
keyboard cat

2. Lil Bub

Lil Bub shot

lil bub

3. Grumpy Cat

What happens when Grumpy Cat meets Lil Bub? See the stare down of the century:

grumpy cat

4. Colonel Meow

You remember Colonel Meow right? The former winner of the 2013, 10 Cats Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat Award.
Colonel Meow

colonel meow

5. Maru


[via itsnicethat]

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