Do You Live Among More Dog or Cat People?

Ever wonder if you live among more dog or cat people? Based on market research data from Euromonitor, the Washington Post created maps that show you what pet is more popular in your US state and across the world.

The results tell us that although there are slightly more households with dogs than cats in the US, cats actually outnumber dogs in terms of raw population. In fact, cats outnumber dogs by as many as two million according to Euromonitor, and the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that number is as high as four million.

us dog cat map

The best explanations for more cats are their size and maintenance: they are more compact, easier to take care of and relocating them is less challenging. Another explanation is that many cities are simply not that dog-friendly.

At the state level, cats are more popular in the Northeast and Upper Midwest, while dogs are more popular in the South and Southwest. Massachusetts has the most cats for every dog and Arkansas is the most dog-friendly state. But overall, most US states have a balanced cat-to-dog ratio.

Interestingly, the cat and dog global ratios are quite different, with less of a balance than in the US. Dogs are heavily favorited in South America and Asia, while cats are much more preferred in much of Western Europe and even some in the Middle East.

dog cat map world

Featured image by nguyen hoangnam / CC BY-SA 2.0

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