Batman Forever Trapped [PHOTOS]

While Batman may be the most popular superhero figure and comic franchise in the world now, things looked dark for the knight after the release of Batman Forever in 1995, starring Val Kilmer. Unfortunately for Batman, it appears he is trapped again in a new series of artworks by Simon Monk. Even crazier is that these aren’t actually photographs but rather hyperrealistic paintings of Batman in various entrapments.

The Trapped Batman series is a followup to another creative work by Monk called Secret Identities, which shows an assortment of superheroes like Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man, bound by similar entanglements.

trapped batman 1

trapped batman 2

trapped batman 3

trapped batman 4

trapped batman 5

trapped batman 6

Can you imagine being the Flash trapped in a plastic bag? Or holding Batman down for this long, let alone forever?

via It’s Nice That

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