Artists Turns Her 2-Year Old’s Doodles into Brilliant Watercolor Paintings

Canadian-based artist Ruth Oosterman has a very special and unexpected art buddy: her two-year-old daughter. Oosterman collaborates with her daughter by taking her sketches and scribbles, and turning them into detailed, watercolor paintings. The duo began painting together when Oosterman’s daughter became increasingly intrigued by her mother’s art. By creating recognizable images out of her daughter’s random sketches, Oosterman is engaging in the psychological phenomenon “pareidolia,” whereby people see familiar shapes and patterns in arbitrary images and data.

On her blog, Oosterman explains:

At this point our collaborations begin with her and when she is finished her drawing she passes it off to me so she can watch me paint. If there are any she wants to keep as is, I can assure you, she will not hand them over. I find myself choosing the ones that are the most challenging for me to expand on as this forces me to grow. She enjoys watching me paint them and often will suggest different colors to use. As these next few months go by I look forward to letting her take part even more by letting her finish my paintings and perhaps I do the drawing and she paints! This journey of ours has JUST begun and if I look through it from her perspective, our creativity and possibilities are truly endless.






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