Artist Adorns Neighborhood Watch Signs With Whimsical Pop Culture Characters [PHOTOS]

When it comes to the Neighborhood Watch, it’s important to get the right people to protect the town.
Artist, fabricator, animator and puppet maker Andrew Lamb from Toronto, Ontario decided to take his faded hometown Neighborhood Watch signs and turn them into his own form of street art. Treating them as blank canvases, Lamb embellishes the signs with images of playful and humorous pop culture characters.

Lamb told the Instagram blog

My work tends to deal with altering urban infrastructure in a playful manner…[to] invoke nostalgic happy memories

You can see all kinds of figures from your past, including both fictional and human characters. Unsurprisingly, Lamb used many superheroes on his sign creations like DC Comic’s Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Wonderwoman, Ironman and more.

Lamb does not restrict himself to superheroes alone though, as he adorned the signs with other fictional characters and heroes like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Power Rangers, Mario, Yoda, The Simpsons, among others. Still, most of Lamb’s more humorous signs arise from the use of human characters like those from Star Trek or Bill Cosby, Bruce Lee, Mister Rogers, and Leslie Nielson, to name a few.

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