Strange and Confusing Photos of Warm Weather Objects Just ‘Chilling’ on the Icy Continent

People don’t normally play with beach balls or sit under umbrellas in Antarctica, but this photographer had a different idea about play time in the cold tundra. Creative mind and photographer Gray Malin traveled over 8,000 miles to capture images of Antarctica’s landscape strewn with warm weather objects that otherwise would not be found anywhere on the continent.

These surreal images, juxtapositions of ice flows and beach equipment, packed snow and pool toys, create an odd and confusing reflection of warmth in a chilly place. They are part of Malin’s series, “Antarctica – the White Continent,” to raise awareness about climate change.

Though Antarctica is not about to become a hot spot for spring break or summer vacation, these photos do draw attention to the shrinking ice caps and other effects of global warming. When it comes to global warming and the climate, what seems impossible today might very well come true 100 years from now. In this way, the images show us the potential tragedy of humans’ impact on the environment.

Malin’s prints are for sale on his website and all proceeds go to support the Climate Reality Project. Malin’s gallery page describes the photo series:

Antarctica, the last true wilderness of our planet, is dramatically changing just as we start to understand its great significance. Gray was drawn to the natural landscape of the glacier covered continent as well as the formations of floating icebergs. Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallels coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to shifting climates.








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