25 Giant Murals of Animals Painted Entirely in Frenzied Lines

Chinese muralist DALeast has a very distinct and unmistakeable style for painting his street art. He uses delicate yet frenzied ribbon-like lines to form the subjects, often animals, that he paints in his murals. This unique line work adds extra energy to the explosive animal paintings, which already burst with liveliness and motion.

DALeast is a muralist, sculptor and painter, Chinese-born and based in Cape Town, where his work is instantly recognized by others. He paints his street art around the world, including Spain, Poland and his latest in New York City, seen below with the two birds clutching talons.

DALeast 1

DALeast 2

DALeast 3

DALeast 4

DALeast 5

DALeast 6

DALeast 7

DALeast 8

DALeast 9

DALeast 10

DALeast 11

DALeast 12

DALeast 13

DALeast 14

DALeast 15

DALeast 16

DALeast 17

DALeast 18

DALeast 19

DALeast 20

DALeast 21

DALeast 22

DALeast 23

DALeast 24

DALeast 25

DALeast 26

DALeast 27

DALeast 28

DALeast 29

DALeast 30

DALeast 31

DALeast 32

DALeast 33

DALeast 34

DALeast 35

DALeast 36

DALeast 37

DALeast 38

Watch DALeast create one of his street paintings in this behind the scenes video:

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