14 Animals Showing Why a Mother’s Love is so Special

1. Mom’s are always on the lookout for danger

motherly pitbull Source:

2. Mom’s will love you no matter how you look, even if completely different from her…

"I swear honey, I'm just as surprised as you are!" Source: imgur

3. A mom will always try and keep her kids spiffy and clean

lion bath Source:

4. A mom will hold you tight and keep you safe

keep you safe Source:

5. A mom will give you guidance for the future

motherly guidance Source:

6. A mom will stay by your side till you fall asleep

mom by bed Source:

7. A mom will be there to help you out of a tight jam

polar bear mom Source:

8. A mom will support your hobbies and passions

mom and kitten Source:

9. A mom is always there to give her child that extra little push

hippo push Source:

10. A mom will always give you a helping hand when you get tired

horse mom Source:

11. A mom will teach you all those little things you need to know about life

momma teacher Source: Tumblr

12. A mom will always lend a shoulder for you to cry on

tiger mom and cub Source: buzzfeed

13. Mom is always waiting with a hug and a kiss

giraff momSource:

14. A mom will always pick you up when you need a ride!

motherly pick upSource: weruletheinternet

via buzzfeed

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Josef Zeevi
good job...son
Gideon Echigeme
Dear dan thank for your creative act I love more grease to ur elbow
Terri Nakamura
Sweet, Daniel. The meerkats reminded me of the island in Life of Pi! I hope your mom has a great Mothers' Day!
Daniel Zeevi
Thank you Terri, have a great weekend :)
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