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25 Photographs of Amazing 3D Street Art

Coming upon street art like this can make you feel like you’ve entered another world. These photos from the popular Twitter account 3D Streetarts showcase street art designs that turn the ground we walk on into a three-dimensional landscape. The beautiful, surreal drawings play mind games with us, tricking our eyes and brains into thinking the flat surface has actual depth.

This 3D street art reminds us that we only need a little imagination to transform the world around us into something wildly different.

Cliffs and Lava

Tree Out of Earth’s Core

Race Horses

Bike Path in the Jungle

City Car Maze

Standing on Stilts

Magic Carpet Ride

Puzzle Pieces

Game of Thrones

Plane Over Sydney

Mouth and Pill

Tunnel in Sunset

Tree Roots

Underground Natural Pool

Ledge of a Building


Raft in a Waterfall

Underground Waterfall

Icy Waterfall Outdoor Training Area

Breaking Ground

Jack Daniels

Elevator Shark

Swimming Pool

Bird’s Eye View Plaza

Lamb Chops