29 Aerial Photographs of Colorful Patterns on Italy’s Coastline Bring about Summer Nostalgia

German photographer and fine artist Bernhard Lang specializes in traveling around and taking aerial shots of the world below. In this particular series, Lang takes photographs of seaside resorts on the Adriatic coastline in Italy, between Ravenna and Rimini. The umbrellas on the beaches create beautiful, colorful patterns from above and make the audience nostalgic for summer vacation.

bernhard lang1

bernhard lang2

bernhard lang3

bernhard lang4

bernhard lang5

bernhard lang6

bernhard lang7

bernhard lang8

bernhard lang9

bernhard lang10

bernhard lang11

bernhard lang12

bernhard lang13

bernhard lang14

bernhard lang15

bernhard lang16

bernhard lang17

bernhard lang18

bernhard lang19

bernhard lang20

bernhard lang21

bernhard lang22

bernhard lang23

bernhard lang24

bernhard lang25

bernhard lang26

bernhard lang27

bernhard lang28

bernhard lang29

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