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41 Abandoned Places: Where Eerie and Beautiful Overlap

Abandoned places around the world make for some of the most stunning pictures, but they also have an eerie quality about them. These photos from DashBurst and the popular Twitter account Abandoned Places lead you to wonder about what the place was once like. Kings, queens, empires, cities and even architecture and infrastructure can fade from fame and glory as the years pass.

These photos of abandoned places remind us that nothing is everlasting or indestructible. They are proof that deserted buildings break down, and unused roads vanish as the earth reclaims what was once hers. So much of what’s man-made will eventually surrender to the greatest force around us, the force of nature.

1. Ta Prohm Temple. Angkor, Cambodia

Image credit: amontei / CC BY-ND 2.0

Image credit: Staffan Scherz / CC BY 2.0

2. Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl

3. Schule Hitler, Jugend, Poland

4. Bokor Casino, Cambodia

5. Ivy Covered Train Tracks, Japan

6. Abandoned Crystal Mine

7. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Image credit: Kashif Pathan / CC BY-SA 2.0

8. Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

9. Old Abandoned Barn House

10. Abandoned Church in Snow

11. The Last Lighthouse, Alcatraz

Image credit: James Cridland / CC BY 2.0

12. Abandoned Piano, Pripyat

13. Abandoned Hospital

Image credit: Forsaken Fotos / CC BY 2.0

14. Mossy Staircase, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Image credit: Guwashi999 / CC BY 2.0

15. Abandoned Car in Desert, Australia

Image credit: Mark Roy / CC BY 2.0

16. Emerson House, Dufur Oregon

17. Abandoned Cottage, Norway

18. Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana

19. Abandoned Roller Coaster “Jet Sky,” New Jersey

20. Abandoned Fighter Jet

21. Abandoned Church, Portugal

Image credit: Céline Colin / CC BY-ND 2.0

22. The Paris Inner City Little Belt Railway, Abandoned Since 1934

Image credit: Pedro / CC BY 2.0

23. Abandoned Hotel del Salto, Tuquendama Falls area of Colombia

24. Abandoned Mansion, Italy

25. Kinsol Trestle

26. Abandoned U.S. Servicemen WWII Cars, Ardennes

27. Abandoned Church, Bodie, CA

28. Abandoned Railway, France

29. Abandoned Psych War

30. Abandoned Shipwreck, Bermuda Triangle

31. Quinta da Regaleira Well

32. Abandoned Hospital, Pripyat

33. Goodnoe School House

34. Abandoned Staircase

35. Abandoned Mill

36. Abandoned Roller Coaster

37. Abandoned Church

38. Abandoned TV Repair Shop – Georgia

39. Old Abandoned Rusted Grainer in Macon Ga.

40. Control panel – Abandoned Factory

41. Abandoned Mental Hospital