15 Dogs That Think They’re Cats

Have you ever met a dog that thought it was a cat? From looking to fit into a box, to sitting around all day, to trying to maneuver a cat tower, these 15 canines swear they’re actually felines!

If we fits, we sits… wait a second?

If we fits, we sits... wait

Puppy, kitten think they are ‘sisters’

Puppy, Kitten Think They Are 'Sisters'via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Dog sharing cat tower

dog sharing cat towervia reddit

Dog on top of cat tower

Dog on top of cat towervia reddit

Lazy dog thinks it’s a cat

Fat dogvia bretcontreras

I look fabulous

I look fabulousvia sodahead

Dog and cat in basket

Dog and cat in basketvia doggies

Costumed dog

costumed dogvia telegraph

Pot dog

pot dogvia dogbreedinfo



imagesvia austarletclub

Am I you?

Am I you?via andpop

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Ruth Wayne Garry
Funny I have only witnessed cats who thought they were dogs...
Kevin Birge
They're all pretty cute, except for the fat dog. That's kind of abusive.
Arlene Valle
always love animal pictures.
Jose A F Carrilho
Really funny! It's always a good surprise to watch your posts :-)
Daniel Zeevi
Thanks Jose, happy to entertain :)
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