12 Hilarious Dogs That Probably Shouldn’t be Behind the Wheel

Dogs have always been one of man’s best friends. But in order to be a good friend, sometimes it’s your duty to step up and speak out when you know one of your pals isn’t fit to be driving. And now no matter how funny and adorable these 12 dogs may be, we all know they probably don’t have any business behind the wheel…

12 Ready to lose the training wheels?

guard dogsvia HAP/Quirky China News / Rex Features / telegraph

11 Let’s begin with driver’s ed

drivers edvia imgur

10 They’re so fluffy I could die though…

white dogs in a carvia cute-overload

9 Alright damn … road trip

Road Tripvia imgur

8 Let’s get this party started…

Let's get this party startedvia The Kenyan Daily Post

7 Wait, “I have no idea what I’m doing”

no ideavia reddit

6 Try not to get pulled over though!

Police Dogvia imgur

5 You got to keep your cool…

cool driving dogvia coolsh

4 Always wear a seatbelt!

seat beltvia imgur

3 Is this one even awake?

sleeping dogvia imgur

2 But the big question is can you really teach a dog to drive?

teach a dog to drivevia petsigncri

1 Nah probably not…

charlie sheen's carvia imgur

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