12 Cats Looking to Wine and Dine You on a Date

cats eating icecream togetherCats are cute and cuddly animals that you just feel the need to hug. Cats are also elegant and suave creatures not afraid to explore new relationships, however odd they may be. But when it comes to dating and Valentine’s day, humans think they have it all figured out. Well, these 12 cats might be able to teach you a few things about chivalry as they look to wine and dine you for the night!


1 Are you ready for a romantic evening?

cat food dinner

2 Big date tonight!

locat date

3 Who knew cats and birds were compatible?

cat and bird blind date eharmoney

4 Apparently cats and ducks too…

cat and duck date

5 So get ready for that big date tonight!

check for fishy breath

6 Prepare your finest cuisine …

meatloaf cat

7 Or just go out for a few drinks…

Milk Date

8 Area cat scores second date after romantic evening

cat scores date

9 2nd dinner date

burger cat

10 Could you feel the chemistry?

chemistry dating cat

11 If not there’s always online dating…

online dating cat

12 Mi Amor

mi amor

pics via imgur

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