Omaha, Omaha: Brands Jump In for Some NFL Fun

Omaha, Omaha

“Omaha, Omaha.” If you’re a fan of the NFL you’ve heard this from at least two quarterbacks on game day. While Eli Manning has been known to throw out an “Omaha” or two, he is no match for big brother Peyton. Omaha, Omaha

In the playoff game last week against San Diego over 40 “Omaha” audible calls could be heard. Last week it was in stereo for all of us to hear. “Omaha, Omaha” could have a lot of different meanings, depending on the week. It could also be a dummy call and mean nothing. Whatever it means this week, it has got the attention of both the avid and casual fan, along with a few companies looking to piggyback on the attention. has jumped into the parade, and will offer a 15% discount on Omaha hotels through June 1 if Peyton is heard barking out “Omaha” at least 50 times. Stay close to your computers before they are fully booked.

For every time Peyton shouts the “O” word, Omaha Steaks will now donate $700 to the PeyBack Foundation, which supports at risk-youth. Based on last week’s performance, that could amount to $20,000.

Under all this pressure, Peyton, please don’t choke this time. If things don’t go your way, Peyton, don’t despair, I’m sure the Omaha Beef will welcome you with open arms.

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By Steven Hughes

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