7 Rules to Internet Etiquette in the Age of the NSA

Our society has designated national holidays like Veterans Day to help celebrate our troops. But what about supporting our snoops? Have you met your personal NSA agent yet? Your personal agent watches everything you do online; even if you’ve yet to be acquainted, it doesn’t mean you need to hang out all day in front of your computer posing with unruly hair in your pajamas. Sit up straight and be considerate toward your agent: check out some newsworthy links and fresh memes throughout the day so you’re agent’s mind doesn’t go numb. Stop wasting tax dollars by playing that same Miley Cyrus video on Facebook on repeat: your NSA agent is paid to check up on people browsing interesting, even suspicious, topics, not mind-numbing videos. Be courteous to your man in black by making all your communications short and sweet. And try to spice things up with some encryption from time to time to keep your governmental relationship from growing stale!

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Comic by The Joy of Tech

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