NFL Week 16 Predictions

NFL Week 15

The NFL is down to the last two weeks of the regular season. While the AFC is pretty much decided with three teams in already, the NFC stills has some playing to do as only Seattle has clinched.

Home field and seeding still wide open in both conferences. Seattle clinches home field throughout the playoffs with a win over Arizona.

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Sunday 1PM

Miami Dolphins (-3) at Buffalo Bills

Matchup:The Dolphins cruising with 3 wins in a row and fighting for a Wild Card spot. Big advantage as weather in northeast is mild. Buffalo will be in the 50’s Sunday. Buffalo will play hard, but it won’t be enough.

Steve’s Pick: Dolphins 23 Bills 13
Dan’s Pick: Bills 30 Dolphins 27

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (-3)

Matchup:Rematch of game two weeks ago when the Saints handled the Panthers. However, the Saints have been no-shows in their last two road games. Carolina will be ready this time around.

Steve’s Pick: Panthers 31 Saints 20
Dan’s Pick: Saints 30 Panthers 27

Dallas Cowboys (-3) at Washington Redskins

Matchup:The Cowboys December blues continues to run strong. They were blown out two weeks ago in Chicago. Last week they had the total meltdown against the Packers after the big lead. Fortunately for the Boys they face one of the most dysfunctional teams in recent memory.

Steve’s Pick: Cowboys 34 Redskins 26
Dan’s Pick: Cowboys 33 Redskins 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at St. Louis Rams (-5)

Matchup:The Rams are off the big upset win last week against the Saints. They might be flat this week, not as easy to get up for the Bucs. The Rams face the Seahawks on the road next week. This is a sandwich special.
Steve’s Pick: Bucs 24 Rams 21
Dan’s Pick: Rams 30 Bucs 17

Steve’s Pick: Jets 27 Browns 17
Dan’s Pick: Jets 24 Browns 14

Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5)

Matchup:The Chiefs have bounced back nicely after that 3 game losing streak, with two routes in row. Both teams have already clinched playoffs spots as they jockey for position.

Steve’s Pick: Chiefs 23 Colts 20
Dan’s Pick: Chiefs 27 Colts 24

Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals (7.5)

Matchup:The Vikings seem to keep each game close, and actually won against Philadelphia at home last week. Bengals down big early against Steelers last week, should bring their best Sunday.

Steve’s Pick: Bengals 41 Vikings 24
Dan’s Pick: Bengals 30 Vikings 17

Denver Broncos (-10.5) at Houston Texans

Matchup:The Texans have been a major disappointment this year at 2-12. Yes, they’ve lost 12 in a row. It will be 13 today. Denver still looking for home field should cruise, but Houston should treat this like their Super Bowl. Wes Welker is out for Denver.

Steve’s Pick: Broncos 48 Texans 17
Dan’s Pick: Broncos 37 Texans 20

Sunday 4:05 PM

New York Giants at Detroit Lions (-9)

Matchup:The Lions are tough to figure out. So much talent, but can’t seem to put it together consistently. Giants put up a goose egg last week against Seahawks, and looks like they’re ready for the offseason.

Steve’s Pick: Lions 38 Giants 31
Dan’s Pick: Lions 33 Giants 27

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks (10.5)

Matchup:This seems like a ton of points to be laying to a pretty consistent Cardinals team. We know Seattle doesn’t lose at home, but this should be battle.

Steve’s Pick: Seahawks 23 Cardinals 16
Dan’s Pick: Seahawks 30 Cardinals 17

Sunday 4:25 PM

Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay Packers (-4.5)

Matchup:The Packers pulled off the miracle win last week in Dallas. The question is whether that will carryover to this clash with the Steelers. The Steelers made the Bengals look pedestrian last week in Pittsburgh. Aaron Rodgers will not play in this one.

Steve’s Pick: Packers 27 Steelers 24
Dan’s Pick: Packers 30 Steelers 27

New England at Baltimore Ravens (-2.5)

Matchup:The Patriots usually bounce back well after a loss, but important game for the Ravens in the playoff hunt. This one should go down to the wire.

Steve’s Pick: Ravens 20 Patriots 19
Dan’s Pick: Patriots 27 Ravens 24

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers (-10)

Matchup:The Chargers are off the big upset at Denver 10 days ago. While SD could be flat here, the extra days should have them focused. The Raiders were dominated at home against KC last week.

Steve’s Pick: Chargers 34 Raiders 17
Dan’s Pick: Chargers 33 Raiders 20

Sunday 8:30

Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

Matchup:The Eagles were rolling along until last week when they played from behind all day long against a depleted Vikings squad. Jay Cutler returned to the Bears last week, and looked good in win over the Browns in Cleveland.

Steve’s Pick: Bears 34 Eagles 31
Dan’s Pick: Bears 33 Eagles 28

Monday 8:40 PM

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers (-13)

Matchup:The last game at Candlestick assuming 49ers don’t get home playoff game. The place should be rocking. The Falcons are in trouble.

Steve’s Pick: 49ers 38 Falcons 10
Dan’s Pick: 49ers 28 Falcons 10

ATS Season Results

Steve 93-109-8
Dan 90-112-8
Matt 80-95-8

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