Flickr Redesigns Its Mobile Apps, Adding Video Capture, Smart Search and Photo Data to the Mix

Screenshot of filters on the Flickr mobile app

As it fights to gain active users in the crowded mobile photography space, Flickr’s rolled a number of competitors’ features into its own service. In Flickr version 3.0 for Android and iOS you’ll see bits and pieces of Instagram, Google Search and Dropbox.

To give you an idea of what’s new, here’s a video preview of what’s coming to Flickr for iOS:

Capture Video

Screenshot of filters on the Flickr mobile app

Now capture and edit HD video up to 30 seconds in length using the Flickr mobile app. Just like on Instagram, you can apply photo filters and even trim out segments you don’t like.

Sync Photos from Your Phone to Flickr

Screenshot of a user profile on the flickr mobile app

Flickr offers an unprecedented free terabyte of storage space – the equivalent of more than 500,000 thousand photos, by Flickr’s calculations. Now both iOS and Android users can take advantage of Flickr’s Auto Sync feature which, similar to the sync features of Dropbox and Google+, automatically uploads the photos you take on your smartphone to your Flickr account.

Improved Search

Flickr will now auto-tag your images to make it easier for you to find them. This feature will let you easily find photos by geo-location, time, color and the objects that appear in your photo. That means all you have to do is type terms like “January 2014,” “San Francisco,” “car,” “sunset” and “portrait” into Flickr’s search box to find the photos you’re looking for.

Detailed Photo Data

Screenshot of photo data from cameras in the flickr mobile app

Ever looked at a picture and wondered what camera and settings the photographer used to take such a great shot? Now you can find out with the Flickr app’s new enhanced information screen, which provides information on where photos were taken, which camera and lens were used and more.

Flickr 3.0 is currently available for Android and is rolling out today to iOS.

Download Flickr for Android or iOS:

Flickr App for Android Flickr App for iPhone

Lauren Mobertz

By Lauren Mobertz

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