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14 Funny Xbox One Comics, Parodies and GIFs

Xbox gamers waited with baited-breath for the big reveal at Microsoft’s Tuesday announcement, however what was actually revealed immediately stirred some geeks into a frenzy. See Microsoft only demoed a fraction of the promised 15 exclusive titles and then dropped the bomb that the Xbox One will not be backwards compatible with any of those predecessor Xbox 360 games you already own! Nor can you borrow or lend out games amongst your friends. Beyond some extra processing power, the only real advancement some critics are claiming is the ability to now watch live television, but then again, why would you drop about $500 to watch TV on your TV?

Microsoft has been full of jokes recently with their don’t get Scroogled by Google campaign and even recently sticking it to Apple’s iPad in favor of their Windows 8 tablets, so we thought we’d turn the tables on them for a minute and round up the funniest new Xbox parodies going viral on the web, all right here for your viewing pleasure!

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They’ve Basically Invented Something That Already Exists


No One Was Actually Cheering During the Xbox Reveal



HAL 1000


Gordon Ramsay’s Take on the Xbox One


Meanwhile at Microsoft…


Gamers Are Never Satisfied


Your All in One Box Fails


Xbox One Used Game Blocking Console Wash


Rest in Peace Xbox

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Xbox One: What They Tell Us vs. What We’ll Get

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