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Check Out DashBurst’s New Kickstarter To Bring Cool Photos, Videos, Infographics and More To Your Smartphone

What is great content to you? A cool new song or video? An informative guide? How about a hilarious pic?

Today we are unveiling a new app that brings you the latest news, photos, videos and more in the most beautiful way!

So far the DashBurst online magazine, which launched early last year, has covered many extraordinary people, startups, and projects throughout the world. Now we’d like to bring you even more content and offer it in the best format possible, no matter what platform you are on. We feel we owe it to all the creators out there who’ve put in the time to make their work unique and awesome. We owe it to them to bring you their work looking and sounding the way they designed it.

Now, with your help, we would like to bring all of this rich content to you on the go with new mobile apps for your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad device!


Why Do We Need Your Help?

To provide you with this opportunity to explore the content you love on the go, we will need to develop some cutting-edge apps. Now, making these awesome apps across all the platforms you might use won’t be easy, so that is why we need your help! We have a small and hardworking team willing to put in the effort to make this happen, but we can’t do it without you.


What Do You Get?

How about a cool DashBurst t-shirt?

Or some original wall art?
If you never take any risks, how can you create anything new? – poster or canvas, 18” X 24”
You are what you read – poster or canvas, 18” X 24”
The time to start is now – poster or canvas, 18” X 24”
And of course the apps…

We want to provide you with an app, fully equipped with all the useful and rewarding features you want from a news reader like: