Loop Findr Helps You Isolate the Most GIF-Able Moments of a Video

Since the creation of GIFs back in 1987, they have become incredibly popular and are now common on sites like Tumblr, Reddit and Google+. The internet is full of these quirky animations. Now a new software program by Colin Burger called Loop Findr wants to help people create GIFs more easily. The application scans through a user’s video library and identifies the perfect frames to turn into endlessly repeating GIF loops.

Loop Findr

Burger writes about the future of Loop Findr:

Rather than focus on improving this openFrameworks implementation of Loop Findr, I will investigate the potential of implementing a web-based version so that it might reach as many people as possible. I envision a website where users might be able to just supply a YouTube link and have any potential loops extracted and given back to them. Additionally, I would like to employ the algorithm along with some web crawling and find loops in video streams on the Internet or perhaps just scrape popular video hosting websites for loops.

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You can download Loop Findr here on Dropbox.

via The Creators Project

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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