The Lionel Stitchie Project: Turning Abandoned Furniture Into Songs

I'm cozy“Hello,” are you a Lionel Richie fan? Fiber artist Molly Evans is on a mission to transform castoff furniture into quirky and nostalgic public works of art dedicated to the suave singer. The Lionel Stitchie Project was inspired by our love for breaking up with our furniture from the master love song maker himself, Mr. Richie.

Molly says she specializes “in modern quilting, costume design, installation art and unusual, temporary public art designed to make folks stop and appreciate the good thing they have going.”

Check out some of the best of Richie and the Stitchies below:






stichie 10

stitchie 11

stitchie 12

stitchie 13


So what are you doing up “All Night Long?”

via Junk Culture

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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