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REPORT: LinkedIn Announces 1 Billion Skills and Expertise Endorsements Given

Are you one of the 58 million professionals that have been recognized on LinkedIn for their exceptional skills and expertise? Recently LinkedIn introduced skill Endorsements, which are a great way to help build your professional brand and areas of expertise. It’s also an effective means to recognize the strengths of your colleagues and peers who you’ve already served in the trenches with and can vouch for. In fact, LinkedIn has reported that your profile is 4 times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn if you’ve been endorsed by someone!

Endorsements: Highlight Your Skills and Expertise

Since it’s inception six months ago, there have been 1 billion endorsements given out on LinkedIn representing a wide variety of skills, ranging from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging and Website Development to name a few. Here is an example of the topics I’ve been fortunate enough to be recommended for:

Also did you know that giving endorsements to others helps them professionally by giving them the urge to beef up their profiles afterwards? LinkedIn has seen a 2X weekly increase in recommendations since the launch of endorsements with members averaging 50 million endorsements per week. More than 18 million people have given out an endorsement, with 58 million people on the receiving end.

What skills are people endorsing the most?

  • 1. Strategic Planning
  • 2. Customer Service
  • 3. Microsoft Office
  • 4. Project Management
  • 5. Recruiting
  • 6. Public Speaking
  • 7. New Business Development
  • 8. Marketing Strategy
  • 9. Telecommunications
  • 10. Social Media
    LinkedIn also gives you the ability to manage exactly what endorsements show up on your profile, to highlight your strengths or skills you’d like to showcase to potential recruiters, clients or business partners. LinkedIn also put together this fun infographic breaking down the top skills endorsed so far:

    So have you been using this new feature to endorse your colleagues yet on LinkedIn?