Lights Out: New Zealand Town Powers Down for Undimmed Astrophotography

makiyanagimachiearthandsky1When we city dwellers gaze up at the night sky, unfortunately, an almost empty like darkness is often times returned due to the overbearing pollution of the urban lights around us. One town near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand looks to reverse that by going dark to allow the nearby Mt. John Observatory, located 1,029 meters above sea level, a chance to offer stargazers some of the most spectacular celestial views ever seen.

Astrophotgraphers Maki Yanagimachi and Dallas Poll, have taken advantage of this darkness to bring these amazing photos from Mt. John to light here. Check out the unbelievable sights offered through the Earth & Sky’s Day and Night Tours, too, and this awesome time-lapse video via Yanagimachi just below.










via mymodernmet

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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