12 Illuminating Lighthouse Pictures to Steer You in the Right Direction

on knife edge - rob dickinson

The lighthouse has served as a navigational aid and lamp since ancient times. Lighthouses can often signal dangerous grounds along hazardous coastlines to steer clear of. Lighthouses have declined a bit in use since the invention of electronic navigation systems and GPS, but still a shine a bright light on picturesque shorelines around the world like the image featured above by Robert Dickinson, the Nugget point Lighthouse in New Zealand.

Enjoy these lighthouse photos all along the watchtowers.

Lighthouse Photography

Sailing Into Tranquility – New England – Tim Temple

Sunrise at Negative Six – Port Washington, WI – James Meyer

Drama in the Lighthouse – Cape Florida in Key Biscayne – Rolando Felizola

Sunset at the Lighthouse – Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines – Ken Chambers

On a Knife Edge – Nugget point lighthouse, NZ – Rob Dickinson

Itapu Lighthouse, Brazil – Uiler Costa

Bibione’s Lighthouse at dawn – Italy – Andrea Papaleo

Lighthouse of Cabo de Palos – Spain – Jose Antonio TriviƱo Sanchez

Lighthouse Colors – Steven Hughes

Direction – LimebluPhotography

Kerroch lighthouse – Jean Michel

Bugio lighthouse – Portugal – Manuel Adrega

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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