Killswitch Makes Breaking Up Easier by Removing All Traces of Your Ex from Facebook

They say breaking up can be hard to do, but in the age of social media, it may be getting even harder. After most relationships run their course, there could be a trail of now painful-to-see photos and messages left behind on sites like Facebook. So a new app called Killswitch makes it a more painless process to discretely removing all traces of your ex from your Facebook profile, so you can “move on” with your life just a little quicker.

All you have to do is identify the target and select the posts to trim, and the removal process happens automatically after that. This prevents you from having to go through every post detagging yourself or, even worse, having to resort to deleting your account.

In addition, Killswitch claims to keep all those deleted pictures in a hidden album of yours on Facebook just in case you end up rekindling the relationship or feel the need to walk down memory lane once again.






Are you tired of starring at your ex’s face every time you log in to Facebook?

via Lost at E Minor

Daniel Zeevi

By Daniel Zeevi

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